Story Seeds & Sprouts


May, 2019 - Rayan
Rayan was involved in our Story Seeds & Sprouts program which was funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation.
Rayan’s mom: ”I have to share this with you. Rayan had an evaluation today at his school for SK next year. They were concerned about his level since he wasn’t at school this year like the other kids his age. So in the assessment they grabbed a random book for him and he started to read!! It was a book he’s never seen before and the sentences were fairly longer than what he’s used to but he was reading!! They were surprised and very impressed with him that he was reading at a higher level than his peers. I almost cried, and immediately remembered you and all the help and guidance you gave us. Thank you for everything.”



Story Seeds & Sprouts

May, 2016. Angela, one of our Parent Seminar moms shared this video of her little guy having a lot of fun learning to read all of the names in his family, after just one session of the workshop! There's so much joy in this two minute video!

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Story Seeds & Sprouts

Nerhat and Reghard (CNC workers)
“Thanks a lot everyone. This program was very helpful for us and our children! They learned a lot, specially sounds of the wild animals. We are very thankful to Jane and the team to arrange such a wonderful Tea Party with story and songs.
Polycultural Immigrant and Community Service is very thankful.”

Farah’s Mom
“I really appreciate your time and your effort. I learned many skills to teach my kids and to deal with them.
Thank all of you from the bottom of my heart!”

“Me and my son enjoyed the program a lot. It was such a wonderful experience for both of us. The program encouraged me to go to the library more frequently to bring books for him. I started to write words for him so he can get familiar with them and we make it a game! Thanks a lot.”

Kamiliah and Aminata
“It was an amazing program. I like this place and I would like to come back every time. Great job, great people.
Thank you and God bless you for the next time!”

Michele DiVito
“As a primary teacher it helped me use appropriate strategies for my DDK bound son!”

“Many good ideas to show children the passion of reading and to interact with them.”

Mike and Matty
“This program provides techniques to start the reading process while encouraging parents to be patient!”

Leaders for Readers

“My favourite thing was seeing how happy my reader was after we read a good book.”

“Kids are really exited to share their passion for books.”

“My favourite thing was to watch Madelynn growing from being a shy girl to someone who looked forward to seeing me every Saturday.”

“My favourite thing was getting the opportunity to be a role model for children in my community while helping them learn how to read.”


“I enjoyed working in a friendly environment that has allowed me to gain knowledge  when sharing with others. I’ve seen myself gaining confidence when dealing with children on a daily basis. There is nothing I would change because Leaders for Readers delivers an effective and fun environment for children.”