The Story Garden was launched at Sheridan Centre in September, 2012. It is a space dedicated to promoting reading and providing programs aimed at fighting illiteracy, along with giving a sense of belonging to everyone in the community. Operated as the non-profit division of a locally based group called Baby Bookworms and Beyond, programming is funded by Canada Government grants, corporate and private donations.


The Story Garden began by offering family-focused weekly Storytime Stops. Beginning in January, 2013, enough funding was secured to run a Leaders for Readers program on Saturdays and host a Talking Circle for women on Wednesday mornings.

Additional funding is needed to help keep some of these programs and the new programs in place. There are several levels of sponsorship offered, making it easy for companies and groups of all sizes to get involved.

Growing vibrant communities through the transforming power of literacy…
one child, one family, one neighbourhood at a time. 

Vibrant, literate communities throughout the region, the nation, and beyond.

With integrity, excellence and love, we are building relationships and creating a safe, welcoming community where every one of us, regardless of age, race, religion, language or culture, can belong.


The Pilot Project

Here’s a little look at how we ended up planting a Story Garden.